Monday, May 7, 2007

The big reveal & 7 vegetables

Weird title, I know! A certain someone called into the shop today and told me that delivery of her new product will be tomorrow so I can now post the pictures of what I was teasing you all with a few days ago. The "certain someone" is the lovely Julie van Oosten, and the product is a fantastic new house chipboard product. Below are some photo's of what I made using Julie's new Collections product...
Here are the 3 panels showing a little more detail...

It was all painted with Golden Payne's Gray, with some Golden Micaceous Iron Oxide painted in various areas to add some mica shimmer. Texture paste was added to the two large frames on the end panels as well as the smaller frame in the middle panel. After this was painted with the above paints, I also added some silver Treasure Gold to pick up the highlights. The middle panel has an angel transparency mounted on 3 of those small frames with the crackle background way down the bottom so when you look at it, there's a real depth to it. This middle panel is stamped with Brilliance Platinum Planet using the wonderful "Printed Matter" plate from Green Pepper Press (LOVE Michelle's stamps!).

On the 3rd panel above you can see one of the fantastic white wings that we now have in the shop for sale! (We also have matte red ones too!). Contact Natalie if you're interested in them. Click here for the link to the ebay store where they are.

I also did another single panel using this kit, more in the vintage style, though once again using a transparency...

Now to the 7 vegetables.....I didn't actually get to my studio on Sunday, instead I made some soup, a chocolate cake and vegged out for the rest of the day. As I was making the soup, my son who lives over East called me up, he & his girlfriend were out food shopping and he asked me, "Mum, what's in that 13 vegetable soup you used to make, we want to make it for dinner and we're ready to buy the 13 vegies, can you text me what they are and I'll ring you for instructions when I get home". Goodness knows where he got 13 vegetables from??? It is, and always was, only 7 vegetables, don't suppose I should complain, it's the best way I know of to get 7 different kinds of vegies into your kids in one matter WHAT their age! So in case you want to know, here it is:


1 onion

1 potato

1 zucchini

1 sweet potato

1 carrot

1 parsnip

1/2 butternut pumpkin

750 ml water

2 chicken stock cubes

1 x 400ml can lite coconut milk

dash nutmeg (optional)

Peel all the vegies except the zucchini (just wash that well), chop into chunks about 1-1/2" square, place all vegies & the water & chicken stock cubes in a large saucepan. The liquid won't cover the vegies, don't worry. Put the lid on and bring to boil, turn down and simmer for approximately 15-20 minutes, until a skewer inserted into the pumpkin goes in easily. Take off the heat, process either in a blender a cup at a time or, as I do, use a stab blender straight into the pan. Make sure it's all nicely pureed. Pour in the can of lite coconut milk and add a little nutmeg if you like.

That's it! So simple, only takes around 1/2 hour all up from start to finish. Let me know if your kids like it!


Tania said...

How cool is that new collections!
Yay Im coming to the shop Tommorow!

Natalie B said...

Kelsey you know me and houses!! Woohooo love them. Love what you've done with them too~~ Just fabulous, you are such a talent my friend. Cool cool cool!! Can you hold some for me along with my other order?? How many come in a packet?? Really love what you've done with them so much!! Nat

vivian said...

this looks so cool - even better in real! and that soup.... tell you what? best soup EVER! ;o) (sent you an email with those stamp details..)

Julie H said...

Kelsey those houses are fantastic - and even more so what you have done with them!

I have printed off the soup recipe for a teenage friend who is cooking for themselves, for the first time.

Natalie Wolfe said...

Kelsey, love what you did with that house kit - love Julie's stuff and you have just made it look awesome. And how stunning is that white wing!! Will be trying the soup ... gosh, you're even sharing recipes with us now!!

Judy said...

kelsey, its just amazing, i only wish the shop was an online shop. i adore what you have done with jvo's new line of product. i love dark anything but you bring light to the dark -you are soooooo talented.

Dotee said...

Ooooh, beautiful work Kelsey!!!

I love working in a house shape. And what you have done is incredible. Would love to order some of these. Can I order through you? (and maybe pick up at camp).

Thanks for the vegie soup recipe too. I laughed out loud at the title of this post! You cetainly had me guessing...

mw said...

kelsey - this is absolutely stunning! very handsome colors and use of imagery. SWOOOOON!

Gisele said...

Love these house kit projects Kelsey, was admiring the vintage one over on Mary's site & wondered how it was I know!
That soup sounds good too...will have a go at that :)