Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day of the Dead & moooooo

A quick post before work.....below is my chunky page (4" x 4") for our Altered Book Club swap, this month's theme is Day of the Dead. The bit in the middle that looks grey is actually the foil tape that has been stamped, painted and rubbed back to leave the paint in the crevices. That leg is an authentic Mexican Milagros that I bought from a very nice vendor from Mexico (obviously!) over the Internet, even though the language barrier was a little weird, I got what I wanted and he was happy with the payment, so all was good ;-)

This is the back of the same chunky page with another quote I've had for a long time, just waiting for the right time to use it. I think it suits the little happy guitar-playing skeletons.

Some of you may have heard of these next things.....moo cards! Click here to find out what they are all about. I received them within 6 days of ordering them from the States, darn fast and OH SO CUTE!!! Now you know I don't like cute, but for these....I'll make an exception ;-)

Edit: mistake, they are from England rather than the States, check this link:

They are just about the same size as a microscope slide, it has my details on the back so I can include one when I do a swap or use it for a little business/personal details card. You get to choose which pics you want, whether you want 100 all the same or various - I chose 8 different ones so have 12 of some and 13 of others. There's a box thing on the set-up screen that you slide over your picture so you get to have just the portion of the picture that you want on them. The card they are printed on is really nice too, silky smooth and quite substantial. Love this personalised sort of stuff!

Edit: I should've mentioned that the cards below are images from my atc's that I've made....that's what I meant when saying you could choose which pics you choose from your own pics.

Time for work......


Jen Crossley said...

Love your Dawn of the Dead pages Kelsey,
Moo cards never heard of them I will check them out though they look very cool,your always the trend setter!!! thanks for sharing as always

Judy said...

Love them moo cards too.
The day of the dead pages are great - you and Michael must be on the same wavelength!!!

Dawnie said...

Too cool miss Kelsey.Moo cards are certainly a must have too.
Your dead guy is super.Gotta love his cheesie smile.
Thanks for sharing

Miss Prawn

Altered Belly said...

Hi. I really like the moo cards.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelsey, Just wanted to give you some correct information to pass on, as I notice you are saying MOO cards come from the States. In fact they come from London.

See the link below and click the Moo fact sheet for confirmation. There is some interesting info about this unique company :)

The MOO link: