Saturday, November 18, 2006

KO - OK?

So I've joined the fray... thinking up a name for your blog is probably the hardest part so I thought I'd start there. Earlier this year I was working for a company that required workmates to witness just about all aspects of your work which required you to learn their initials. Using the tried & tested method of "word association" made it much easier for John Dickson became "Jack Daniels" which was JD, Alan Jones was "apple juice" which was AJ, and so on. My initials are KO which I immediately thought should be "knock-out" which was associated in my mind with boxing - as in - flat-out on the floor! But then someone pointed out they might think "she has tickets on herself" so I quickly changed it to "I used to have dyslexia but now I'm KO!" blog name is KO - OK?


Joan said...

Very witty KO. An interesting read, will be following your exploits with paper with avid interest.

kelsey said...

Don't pretend you don't know me Joan!!! lol Watch out, your exploits could appear here this space! grin

Jen said...

You are a KO (Knock Out) kelsey your work is amazing and you never fail to inspire me
Jen Crossley

kelsey said...

Thanks for the kudo's Jen, we can have our very own mutual admiration society happening....LOVE your work too!!!


Julie H said...

Welcome to 'blog land'. I know I will be back often.