Sunday, November 26, 2006

Doing Lunch

On Friday I went to lunch with my pals from the Art Tarts Club (get it??? Art Tarts Club - A.T.C.??? - well I thought it was good!). We went to the Marrakech, a Moroccan restaurant in Subiaco, wonderful food and even better company. We exchanged Christmas presents and there was much oooohhhing and aaaaahhhhing over them as each selection was unwrapped. We also exchanged our atc's as this is what we're supposed to do each month - we set a theme and make atc's for everyone in the group.

This month's theme was "paint chip samples" so we all had to visit Bunnings (or similar - though there's not much else BESIDES Bunnings these days!!!!), gather some paint sample cards and using the name as inspiration, create atc's using the card as the background. These are my 2 - Cityscape and Hot Mama. The Stazon works wonderfully on this slippery surface and I love how stylish the zetti buildings stamp look! Speaking of love.....I love this group of girls, they are so supportive and funny and talented and arty! I'm definitely glad that we are all friends and I look forward to our next project for 2007 - an atc book using the letters of the alphabet as themes.


Jen Crossley said...

Hm Now thats where the paint chip for hot pink went LOL
Jen Crossley

kelsey said...

Doesn't the stamp just match the words exactly!!! I've just found where that particular stamp comes from.... and I didn't realise I already own about 5 others from this them all!