Thursday, November 17, 2016


We'll be using alcohol inks once again in this class and one of the girls (thanks Jenny Jongste!) showed me her rubber puffer thing to blow the alcohol inks around instead of having to buy and use the pressurised cans of air.  These little puffer things are used for cleaning out cameras and keyboards etc and are really cheap through ebay!  They look a little like a light bulb but have a really fine nozzle on one end so when you squeeze the rubber bulb, a short sharp blast of air comes out.  Great tool!!!
So it creates these gorgeous backgrounds with the alcohol inks but on a base of silver ink and pearl white to start with, it gives the whole card a real shimmer to it, which of course you can't see on the computer screen.  You'll just have to try it for yourself.  Most people get the joke that's on the Sodium card, do you?  


"Keep still slave"... (loved the new feral kitty
stamp cube from Stampotique... it goes
perfectly with the doggy cube)

"Another world"...

So these 4 are just the backgrounds unadorned and they are in the same order as the above 3 pictures.  The last one with just the blues is incomplete as an atc so it will be on my next update.

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