Tuesday, July 26, 2016


This is the beginning of Book #16 and it's a Yupo and Alcohol Ink class.  Yupo is a synthetic paper that is non-porous so you can use any of your alcohol inks on it and the colours remain very, VERY vibrant!  The white pen I have used that stands out so well on the alcohol inks is a Sharpie Water-based marker.  Probably the best white pen I've used!  I also used a Black Extra Fine Sharpie as well.

So the idea for my samples is to drop individual drips onto the Yupo (remember that these 5 samples below are atc sized which is 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" which is very small) and you can add other colours inside of a previously applied colour but it is really a matter of trail and error.  Some colours will bloom with another different coloured edge, one that comes to mind was Cool Peri Alcohol Ink which is a light mauve colour but blooms with a brighter pink border!  You can use pressurised air in a can to blow it around before it dries, you can also add rubbing alcohol by drips or spray to make the inks react further, it's just a lot of trial and error.  If you want to do more of a landscape you need to work on a larger size.  

My cover is a piece of Yupo that is 8" wide by 6" high and I managed to get a landscape sort of theme happening because of this larger size.  Experiment, play and don't think something is no good, put it aside and come back to it.  

This is my cover...


"Friends close"...


"The sea"...

"Caged"... (my attempt at a landscape
on a smaller scale)

Below are the same 5 atc's with only the alcohol ink on the Yupo paper.  You can see what a difference it makes by using the white  and black pen!


Friends close


The sea


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