Friday, July 1, 2016


The class this fortnight uses both white smooth watercolour card as well as Kraft colour card.  Both give a very different look with the white showing more of the true colours and the Kraft giving a darker tone because of the brown colour of the base of this card.  I have used both Distress Stains as well as the Distress Paints using Tim Holtz's method of swiping colour onto the craft sheet (not to be confused with the Kraft coloured card!  ;-)   and then swiping your card through it.  In all instances I have made sure to include one of the 3 metallic stains or paints to give a metallic lustre to the cards that you can't see on the computer screen.  I also used gesso to make extra marks on the cards and on most of them have coated the gesso with embossing powder for extra texture to the embossing.  

"Not cheap"... (Paints on white watercolour card)

"100%"... (Stains on white watercolour card)

"Twirl"... (Paint on white watercolour card)

"New eyes"... (Stains on white watercolour card)

"Chaos"... (Stains on Kraft card)
Notice the little skull stamped shapes in the background?  They were
made by cutting some craft foam into a skull shape and
stamping into gesso and then coating with a little embossing
powder.  Embossing powder wasn't over all of the stamping, 
just a little to add some texture.

The samples below are all on the Kraft coloured card.  You can see
how the Metallic paints in the Stains and Paints really make it shimmer!





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Monica said...

What spectacular ARCs, artistic, unique and dynamic. you are the CEO of ATcs.