Friday, August 28, 2015


In a previous class we have used Rock Salt to create gorgeous background effects.  In this class, we'll be using Rock Salt as well as Table Salt but to mix it up a bit and give a lovely shimmer, we'll be adding some Perfect Pearls to the salts.  Because the salt/Perfect Pearl mix is dropped into liquid, the water acts as a setting agent for the Perfect Pearls so they won't rub off.  I used Distress Spray Stains to do the backgrounds as they are both vibrant and wet enough to place the salt onto straight away.... but if it starts to dry before you ready, simply spray with a little water.  The salt acts like a wick and draws up the surrounding moisture to leave intense colour concentrations and the little bit of shimmer from the Perfect Pearls is just an added bonus!   I love how this first one below took on a rust-like appearance... all on a humble piece of watercolour paper.  Although, this technique will work on gloss card stock as well, the "Beautiful Life" atc below is on gloss with no Perfect Pearls added, just the salts!

"Only the young"... (Rusty Hinge & Smoked Hickory)

"Have no fear"... (Vintage Photo and Stormy Sky)

"Controlled"... (this time I used Gelato's, water and salt 
to create this background!)

"Untie the ribbons"... (Evergreen bough and Black Soot - be careful
using Black Soot as it can overpower other colours!)

"Beautiful life"... (this is the gloss card background
with no perfect pearls, just Broken China, Twisted Citron
and salt)

The images below are just the backgrounds before anything
has been added to them.  I find it easier to work on a size that is
2 or 3 times the size of atc's and then cut them up, so approx 18cm x 7cm 
(or 7" x 2.5").

Rusty Hinge & Smoked Hickory

 Vintage Photo & Stormy Sky

Gloss Card - Dusty Concord & Spiced Marmalade

Evergreen Bough & Black Soot.

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