Thursday, July 18, 2013

Texture Paste

I used Texture Paste on my very first book cover and we are now up to Book Number 10!  On the previous cover we stamped into the texture paste, this time we'll be using it with stencils or simply using it to, well, add texture!   I stumbled across some recipes for home-made texture paste so thought I'd give this a go.  So I mixed up the correct quantities of the ingredients and I couldn't work out why, when I'd stirred it and mixed it thoroughly, it was rising up in the jar like bread dough on fast forward.   Hmmm... something wasn't right.  I had to keep stirring it to make it go back down but eventually it did settle ok and I could add a little paint to it to colour it so that was all good.  It wasn't until a few days later that I had an AHA!!! moment and worked out that in the USA, Baking Soda is actually Bi-carb Soda here in Australia, not Baking Powder (which is what I used).  So that solved the puffing up dilemma.  At least it still worked out alright and I know that the girls will be able to make their own texture paste if they run out of the store-bought one.  There is also available now more texture paste available from different companies and one that I do like very much is the Ferro ones as they are coloured.  I have the metallic iron one and the antique gold.  Those samples will be added later as I'll be  doing them as demo's in the classes.  In the meantime, here are some other samples and the book cover for Technique Book Number 10.
These are all created on Kraft coloured card stock, with some white and one other colour paint and a little black stamping.  I liked the simplicity of combining just a few colours.  If you want to try out the recipe for yourself, the one I used is:
1 Part White Acrylic Paint
1 Part Talcum Powder (or Baking Soda, called bi-carb soda in Australia)
1/2 Part White Glue (PVA)
Mix together in a re-sealable jar.  Add a little coloured
paint if you want to make coloured texture paste.  (I do this
on a plastic plate with just a little of the paste as I didn't want to
colour all of it.)
I'm not sure how long this mix will last, mine has been in
the jar for a week and a half and it's still fine.
"Believe" (close-up) so you can see the texture...

"Angelic"... (this is on kraft card and is coloured
texture paste pushed through a stencil to create
the background).


"Book Cover #10"... (this is 8" x 6" or 20cm x 15cm)
Close-up of Book Cover...

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Seth said...

I love using texture paste and your artwork here is the perfect example of why. Great creations! Thanks for sharing your recipe. I just might try to cook us some myself!