Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crayon Painting

Crayon Painting is the technique for this fortnight's atc class through Artability.  
We'll be using normal wax crayons, think Crayola or similar, and applying them with an iron.  I like to use the Clover Mini Iron but you can also use a small craft iron as long as it has no holes in it.   I love the colours that you can get with the waxy crayons and once it has cooled down, just buff it with a tissue to bring a lovely soft sheen to the surface before adding images etc.   Normal good quality double-sided tape is all I use to stick the embellishments and images down with, no problem with them coming off at all!  
You can see from the samples below that it depends on how you use the iron across the surface as to what effect you will get from the crayons.  In the second image I tried to do a landscape sort of scene and added the tree with black texture paste in the tube and rubbed a little silver Gilding Wax on it after it had dried.
I have also done 2 new clear sticky word sheets to join the other 5 that I have for sale.  My normal A4 sized quote sheets are still $1 each and I have 18 different ones of those and the clear sticky word sheets are $3 each.  So I now have 7 of the clear sticky word sheets and these have between 90 and 110 words on each.  Email me if you want details or the girls at my atc classes can pick them up from me there. 
"Depth of life"...

"Disguise"... (love these colours!  Turquoise, brown and silver.)

"Bewitch"... (yes, see I can do pink!!!)

This one below is a sample without any images on it so you can see the sort of effect you can get.  Colours used on this one are red, orange, yellow, black and a little metallic gold.

This one below is a raffle for the monthly draw on the yahoo group - Paperarts.  It's on watercolour paper and coloured with watercolour crayons.

Finally a last sample from the technique "Antique Gloss" that I taught
at the last atc class a fortnight ago.  

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