Thursday, November 12, 2009

Peeled Paper Background atc's

I have just three samples so far for the Peeled Paper Background Technique, more to come after Friday. This is a technique that comes from the talented Claudine Hellmuth. I have all three of her books as well as her video's and even though her style may be different than mine (or should I say, MY style is different than hers!), I can still absorb her wonderful techniques and apply them to my own work. I think this is something that some people tend to forget, even though you may not like a particular "thing", be it a card, an atc or even a scrapbook page, there may be some technique included in it that could be adapted to your own particular style. You just need to learn to look beyond what you actually see, to see possibilities that you never realised were there. Enough talk....

"Temptation"... (Hero Arts Bamboo stamp embossed with Copper Dreams embossing powder. This is one of my own recipes, 4 parts Copper embossing powder mixed with 1 part copper glitter. Adds a little sparkle in real life! If you want more embossing powder recipes, check out the post here).

"Illusion"... (Wrought iron stamp found here)
"Work backwards"... (Circular stamp from Non Sequitur, Burning Hearts Plate #56)
More to come over the weekend. ;-)


Chris said...

I like these! And I just saw something made with her sticky-back canvas in a magazine. I'll have to check out one of her books!

Rock on!

Jenxo said...

love your atcs as usual!

you are so right about giving things a go and adapting to your style, i love new techniques!! jenxo

Samantha Marshall said...

Hi Kelsey,
Just love this technique and the way you apply it- stunning. I really like the way the word illusion is printed on the lovely, white feathery-like paper.

Lindart said...

Love these ATCs, especially the one of the man with wings. But I actually love all three!

Pearl Maple said...

Nice ATCs, you always have such fun creative things happening here.