Thursday, November 19, 2009

Peeled Paper and Magic Stamp Peek (& Giveaway)

I have my final Peeled Paper technique atc class this morning at Scraptivate and if the previous 3 classes are any indication, the girls are going to have some "oh no!" moments that will turn into "oh...yes!!!". lol Some techniques are like that, you think it's all turned to cr*p, and then finally it just comes together and looks fantastic.

"What we see"... (The bamboo stamp is by Hero Arts. This atc is for the WTA - Winner Takes All, sort of like a lottery - that's held each month on the Paperarts Yahoo Group)

"Pilot Light"... (I can't remember who the flourish stamp in the background is by, it's not very clear anyway so guess it's a moot point! This is the raffle atc for this mornings class)
My next technique class is called Smoosh & Magic Stamp! This has had a few of the girls stumped and I've told them I'm not going to tell them what the magic stamp is until the class. The smoosh technique is Tim's one of using Distress Inks direct to craft sheet, spritzing with water, laying down a piece of paper, twisting then lifting to reveal a beautifully coloured piece of background paper. The colours in the atc below in the background are Scattered Straw and Vintage Photo. The magic stamp bit is the stamped background....for that info, you'll have to wait until after the classes! But I will come back in around a week or so with some more samples.
Just for fun, if anyone can guess what I've done to make the background, leave a comment and the first person who guesses correctly will get some atc's from me, including a magic stamp one! Remember to leave your email addy please. (No cheating from any of my girls who know already what it is!!! hahahahaha)
By the way, see the lovely German Scrap on the bottom of this card above? It's new from Scraptivate, click here to see more new ones - click on Scraptivate German Scrap in the left hand column, then New Nov '09. This one started out white and I painted it with Burnt Umber Light to alter it to suit the atc.


Samantha Marshall said...
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Samantha Marshall said...
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Samantha Marshall said...

Hi Kelsey,
I love this cool technique- your ATCs are beautiful.
Is the secret background technique using glimmermist with a screen?

Lesley said...

Hi Kelsey
Is this background using Versamark on glossy photo or cardstock then you inked with your inks to create the original card colour background??? I recently did this technique so it looks very similar.

Gaby Bee said...
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Gaby Bee said...

I think maybe you used a foam stamp. In Germany we call him formy. I bought some of these sponges probably some years ago, but have yet to use them. Now maybe I will give it a try!

Gaby Bee said...

Me again. My fingers are faster than my brain. I forgot to explain how to use those magic foam stamps.
Heat the foarm stamp with an embossing or heat gun for some seconds. Quickly press into items. Buttons, coins, crumpled paper ... anything that you'd like to make impressions of and hold the Magic Stamp for a few seconds until the product cools. Lift from impressed items and you have a custom stamp for inking textures, backgrounds, etc.

Jen Crossley said...

Okay here goes I think you did the bleach technique!!!
fingers crossed

Jen Crossley said...

Okay Me again here goes yet again
I think you used the distress embossing powder then the old glimmer mist

drmarty62 said...

Hi Kelsey
I recognise the damask cuttlebug folder. Perhaps you embossed it with the folder then smooshed the embossed card stock into the distess ink.

Chris said...

I was going to make a comment and then delete it, then I decided everyone's already thought of that already.

So, I'll just guess what you did. You took a stencil that you cut yourself out of acetate from one of Michelle Ward's stamps (I believe it may be 'Tuscany' or 'Printed Matter', and you took wet coffee grounds from a filter you recently used, and you plastered it down to impress through the stencil, then you carefully lifted off the substrate from the stencil and the grounds, shook them off, and let it dry completely.

If you insist on my being specific, you used Peet's double roast espresso coffee double-strength, brewed through a cone filter and then sprinkled with a dusting of ground cinnamon and stirred together prior to spackling. After drying the substrate you sprayed the surface with Krylon acrylic sealer and left it out in partial shade on your patio during an early afternoon temperature of between 67 and 83 degrees facing due southwest.

this is just a guess, based upon what I've learned about your process.

please send my gifts priority mail.

chrisw said...

absolutely stunning Kelsey!

drmarty62 said...

Another try
You used the damask cuttlebug folder as a stamp?

Brenda Grace said...

Whats with all the deleted comments - are they the lucky ones that got it right? Love all the other ideas mentioned so far - boy are we in for a ride this Tuesday night!