Sunday, February 10, 2008

Canvas class & Faux Leather

.....and a wonderful time was had by all.....well, at least I had a wonderful time anyway! Yesterday was a big day for me as I taught my 1st canvas class in the morning and then my faux leather atc class in the afternoon. Both a reasonable size - 14 in the canvas class and 17 in the faux leather one. I was a a bit over-ambitious as far as the canvas class was concerned as I let them choose beforehand 1 of 4 canvases to do. Consequently, it meant I was teaching 4 different canvases in the one class!!!! Well, 3 actually, as only one girl (hi Mel!) decided to do the retro one which was using peeled paint as a technique, which she had done before so she just plodded along merrily by herself.

I was so impressed with how all the canvases turned out and I think the girls were pretty happy with them too! It was a surprise to them how easy and quickly it all went together. I did warn them before though that they couldn't expect to turn out a canvas that looked exactly like mine, as I couldn't even do that....any time you start applying paints in layers and blotting away here and there, you won't get 2 the same! My main message for them during the morning was, I want you to feel comfortable and confident that you can go home and do one yourself without going into a panic about not being able to do it!

Of course, I forgot to take my camera with me but I have another canvas class on the 8th of March and I'll definitely take it with me then! I think some of the girls from the class yesterday were talking about booking into the next one a well and just doing another canvas!!! lol

So then in the afternoon after a quick clean-up it was time for the faux leather class. This also went along swimmingly! A very quick and easy background technique using strips of masking tape laid down and then painted over. It's all in the layering of colours and rubbing off that gives the wonderful distressed look. This is another one that needs to be seen "irl" to appreciate the texture and pattern.

This one was the raffle atc...."No wings"... (congrats Deb for winning....liked your happy dance!)

Another sample one..."What you do"...

An update on the beaded doll class that was mentioned in the previous post, it's definitely going ahead - 6 hour class which will include the frame as well. It'll be on the 12th of April, a week before we leave on our BIG trip, so if you're in Perth and you're interested in it, ring us at Scraptivate to book in. I have a suspicion that this will book out so I'll run it again after I come back. Here's a couple of pics of some more beaded dolls I've done....used to love doing these...beading is very therapeutic and relaxing!

I thought I'd change my blog-header on this post as well....thanks Dawnie, I have a few to choose from! Love the German Scrap that you've used on this one!!!


Jen Crossley said...

Love your beaded DOll class wish i lived closer.So great to talk to you last night.
Love your new header

Samantha Marshall said...

Hi Kelsey,
I can't wait ot see some pics of the canvases made in your classes. The faux leather ATCs look fantastic!
Sam xx

Linda Cain said...

I just taught a class where there were 7 different papers picked by the 7 students!!! It really got my math skills going full blast! But it all worked out...don't you love it when it does!
Great Work!

Wendy said...

Wow - it sounds exhausting. Wish I could do the canvas class.

Firenze said...

Hi Kelsey - will you be posting a tutorial for your canvas class for those of us not living within your continent ;b Great looking work!
Helen (Cape Town)

Julie H said...

No Wings is awesome!!! My favourite for a while. Will contact Scraptivate about the class.

Dawnie said...

I'm coming, I,m coming all booked in and ready to tease the teacher so heads up K.he-he

ME xxx