Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Transparency Transfers, atc's & chunky page

Happy 2008 everyone!!! Here in Perth we sweltered over Christmas, the actual day was 41 degrees Celsius (105.8F) and the next day, Boxing Day was 44 (111.2F)....apparently, Perth was the hottest city on the planet on Christmas Day, thank goodness for air-con & swimming pools! New Years Eve was a fizzog for bed early thanks to a dreadful summer cold. I HAD been giving my hubby heaps about his "man-cold" but ended up catching it off him and needing antibiotics for my ears which were going all abuzz! Doesn't make creating easy with various parts of your face streaming onto your artwork!

I've had a one month hiatus from my atc classes so I'm doing some swaps with a couple of girls, these few are the first of, I'm not saying who's getting's a surprise! First couple are using images under the small square microscope slides and alcohol ink on the metallic edging tape of the slides.

Next one is tissue paper background (same background as previous green one above), around the image I've used Black Texture Paste in a tube! Yep, the black and white texture paste (Jo Sonja brand) also comes in a tube which is fantastic for piping onto edges or making knobbly dots or whatever. Treasure Gold in green amber is then rubbed over the top to pick up the highlights.
My next atc class is on Inkjet Transparency Transfers using rubbing alcohol. I won't go into detail yet about how to do it, though it IS very easy, after the class I'll write up a little blurb to explain how I do it. Here's the first sample using this technique.

This next one is for my next Tuesday night class on Shrink Plastic, though it also doubles as a Microscope Slide atc as well! It's ambidextrous! lol

Our Altered Book Club (ABC) is still doing our monthly chunkies, I'm a little behind but have managed to do my Art Deco page....kinda simple but I think that was the beauty of Art Deco. The picture is Louise Brooks, she epitomises the "look" of Art Deco as far as I'm concerned and the quote is another from Dorothy Parker...what wit that woman had! (she was actually talking about Katherine Hepburn when she said this)

The background of this next atc was my scrap paper that I had used when colouring something else with Ranger Peeled Paint distress ink, then I painted the black frames used on my Art Deco page on the same piece of scrap paper. Too cool to throw away as it looked great with the contrast of the pale green and the strong black. The funny looking picture underneath this atc is the actual background, it's A4 size and the white bit is where I cut the atc from.


Anonymous said...

Hi K - Happy 2008!
You HAVE been busy over the break - even with your cold & all! Great ATCs, love the scrap background too!

Jen Crossley said...

Happy New Year Kelsey!!
THese ATC are awesome Girl you have really inspired me alot over the years and your off to a great 2008 already

Julie H said...

Happy New Year to you too Kelsey - so sorry to hear you sere sick.

As always I am blown away by the amount of techniques you use. I think "Forlorn" is my fav' but ..

Dawnie said...

Started the new year with a plethera of art for us all K.SUPER STUFF ! Hard to pick a fav for me, but love the first quote.
Even with a cold you rock !
Hope 08 is filled with wonderful things for you.

Prawnie xxx

Genevieve said...

Happy New Year Kelsey! Great stuff as usual - a visual feast for 2008. Noticed a face in the the top left hand corner of your scrap, totally cool!


Gen - who hasn't lifted an arty finger.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Kels, what a busy girl you've been, sorry to hear you caught the man cold! I love all these atc's but I think my fav would have to be the first one with the voice, Yummy! See you soon and thanks for sharing this wonderful art with us, cheers from Char B xx ;-)

Adriana Whitney said...

I found your blog by accident and I am happy I did. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to start experimenting with new tecniques and I will be visiting you blog, thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelsey

'Happy New Year'
gorgeous ATCs loook forward to seeing the Alcohol technique. I'll be back

Hugs Sarah xx

Anonymous said...

Kelsey, your ATCs are fabulous! I love, especially, the top one, with Michelangelo's Dawn...she has always been one of my favorite sculptures. And the quote..well, let's just say, it is very profound...and I can relate! Thanks so much for sharing your artwork here. It inspires us to try new things!

Anonymous said...

yummy yummy yummy!! you're an atc queen!!! :) and how clever you stained your page and then cut out the act. looks awesome

Judy said...

you are indeed an inspiration!