Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Even though alcohol inks have been around for years now, they are still a favourite medium of mine.  When you combine them with metallic paints as the base, it creates a different and unexpected background.  Your wash of metallic paints needs to be wet for this to work so the alcohol inks have something to repel against.  The added bonus is the beautiful shimmer that can happen as the inks and metallic elements in the paint react together.  This is one of those techniques that you need to play around with yourself to see the reactions.  I used both Yupo and gloss card for the backgrounds, both react differently.

"Hakuna Moscato"... (gloss card)

"Landscape Painting"... (Yupo)

"Fly"... (Yupo)

"In the face"... (Yupo)

"So stupid"... (Yupo)

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