Friday, August 26, 2016


Foam core board can be bought in all different sizes, from A4 size right through to big sheets that are 100cm x 800cm!  It was this size that I bought so I could cut it down to A4 size for the girls so they could have enough to have a good play with this product.  Not only can you just cut it with scissors, you can also run it through a die-cutting machine (like the Big Shot or Cuttlebug).  The only thing you need to remember is that you need to use the normal size cutting dies to cut with as the thinner sizzlet or wafer thin type ones won't work as they don't cut deep enough.  Any of your older big or thicker dies work perfectly and it surprisingly keeps a decent amount of height to it and doesn't flatten out like you would expect it to!  You can also emboss with them too though you may need to muck around with the sandwich layers to work out what will be the correct combination without trying to force your machine.  It does do a really good impression though with the embossing folders!

Because this product is so soft it's easy to make cuts into it or poke holes in it to push brads through (as shown below) and takes paint and sprays and whatever other colouring method you wish to choose.  I simply stick mine down with double-sided tape as it's not heavy at all, not much weightier than a piece of paper in fact.

(a long strip of foam core board
that has been cut into blocks)

"Rustic Spirit"...
(The ironworks border die run 
through my Big Shot)

(A heart that I cut out freehand
and then cut some slashes in so
when it was painted and dry, I
could drop in some gems that were
glued in with glossy accents)

(The daisy  -  or as I call it "the splat" die)

"Broken Crayons"...
(Brick blocks that are quite
dimensional in height)

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Barb said...

Hi Kelsey. Love all of these, especially the second one!