Sunday, March 20, 2016


This class is about a few different ways of doing embellishments, those little finishing touches that complete an atc or card.   

The first one is the humble plastic fly-screen.  Love how simple this stuff is to use and it takes any of the waxy metallic finishes really well to alter the colour.  Attaching is a breeze using the Ranger Tiny Attacher (mini stapler).

This next one is really difficult to appreciate on a computer screen!  If you paint chipboard shapes (in this case, the heart) with Smooch Inks, dry with a heat gun and then do two layers of Clear UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) you get a wonderful dimensional, glossy embellishment!  I've also used the Smooch Ink to do a stripe down the stamped bugs back and then the shimmer Smooch Ink either side of that and coated with clear embossing powder while they were still wet, then heated with a heat gun.  Shimmery colour on stamped images that still show the stamped image underneath (if you don't do the Smooch Ink too thick that is!).
"I love bugs"...

This one has two separate techniques, organza that has been attached under the image, clipped in fringe the edges to separate it and then heated with a heat gun to melt and distort.  The second technique is the butterfly up the top right corner.  It was a gold metal butterfly so to change it to match the colours, it was pressed into a clear embossing ink pad, some orange embossing powder sprinkled on parts of it, then some black sprinkled on the remaining sections.  Heat with a heat gun and you get a lovely marbled effect!  Any of your metallic embellishments can be treated this way to suit your colours.

This one also has a combination of two techniques, the black organza that has been fringed, attached with the Tiny Attacher (mini stapler) then heated to melt and distort and secondly, the chipboard heart was cut in half, coloured with Pumpkin Smooch Ink then two coats of clear UTEE to add shine and dimension.

Another good technique is to tear a piece of dry-wall jointing tape (it's self-adhesive) and press it into clear embossing ink, sprinkle on embossing powder and then heat to melt the embossing powder.  It won't affect the jointing tape as it's a paper.  Peel off the backing and stick it down as an embellishment. (You may recognise this atc as being in last week's post - Orange Power.  I put it in here as it's a great way to add an embellishment under wording to draw the eye to it without overpowering the word.

Finally, on this last atc, a piece of thin chipboard is torn so it's slightly larger than the wording, then using a Zig two-way glue pen, add a layer of glue around the edges and into the centre where the wording will go.  Wait until the Zig glue has become tacky (a good 5-8 minutes), then press two colours of foil, I used red and silver on this one though it looks gold on the computer screen.  I also added a little Zig glue to the top of the skull in the picture and foiled that with red too.  Very shiny in the flesh!

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