Monday, June 15, 2015


Soot technique has always been one of my favourites, it never fails to impress people who have never seen it done before.  When I originally did the soot technique in my classes years ago, we did it on plain white gloss card, then when some of the newer girls wanted to repeat the class, as usual I had to try and put a spin on the original so the girls who had done it before, learnt something new.  Well, it's time to re-visit soot again and once again, there's a spin on it!  This time it's called Sprayed Reverse Soot.  For the girls who haven't done soot at all before, I'll be showing them how to do the original way and then this new way which is the reverse soot using a Versamark Ink Pad (clear embossing ink pad) to stamp your image first onto a coloured (sprayed) background, then applying the soot and wiping gently off with a cotton wool ball.  The Versamark holds the soot onto the stamped image!
"Joy"... (reverse soot stamping - Broken China spray
and Cracked Pistachio)

"Extremes"... (reverse soot stamping - Pumice Stone
spray & Iced Spruce)
"Kinky"... (original way of doing soot stamping)
"Wild Life"... (reverse soot stamping onto
plain white card)
"Without the dark"... (original soot stamping on sprayed
background using Fired Brick and Fossilised Amber)
"Salvage"... (original soot stamping on sprayed
background using Broken China and Cracked Pistachio)

Finally, here is the last of the Bokeh Technique atc's.
"Live Well"...

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