Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Embossing powders are a staple in any stamper's diet but they tend to be something that is used for a bit, then put aside and forgotten about.  I love how with a few basic colours plus a few extra's, you can make a whole new batch of beautiful embossing powder mixes to co-ordinate with any project that you happen to be working on.  Of course most people have the standards, gold, silver, black, white, copper and clear... but add a few colours as well, blue, orange, brown, teal, red etc., mix a few together (writing the recipe down as you go of course!) and you have a whole new range.  I love covering pieces of chipboard totally with embossing powder and using as a frame (as in the first two samples below) or to use as a base to mount words on (as in the third one) or simply emboss a gorgeous shape and let it speak for itself.
"Without art"...
"Fashion Taste"...
Below are some embossing recipes that I have made up for this particular class.  If you go to "labels" down on the right hand side, you will see a heading "Embossing Powder Recipes" where you will find my earlier embossing powder mixes.  The word "part" means your measurement.  The little spoons that come with the meals on plane rides are great, or you can simply use a pop stick to measure.
Granite:  5 parts black, 1 part white, 1 part silver
Old Copper:  3 parts copper, 1½ parts green, 1 part pewter (or silver)
Old Gold:  2 parts gold, 1 part copper, ½ part apricot (orange)
Patina Brown:  2 parts gold, 1 part chestnut (brown)
Patina Azure:  1½ part black UTEE, 1 part black, 1 part aqua
Verdigris:  5 parts black, 2 parts gold, 2 parts powder (light blue), 1 part aqua
Weathered Green:  2 parts green, 1 part black UTEE, 1 part silver
Weathered Orange:  2 parts black UTEE, 2 parts apricot (orange), 1 part copper, 1 part black
This one below is the final sample from the previous class, Metallic Paint Scrape.

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