Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The technique this fortnight is a way to add further interest and texture to some background papers that you may already have and you think they just need a little something more.  Bubble wrap gives a great distressed type of printing or stamping as it's not as precise as using a specific bubble wrap stamp.  Some of the bubbles may have been popped or your bubble wrap might not be as puffy as other pieces and it also comes in different sizes of bubbles!  
To create this effect, I used an empty cardboard toilet roll, or alternatively you can cut an empty cardboard paper towel roll in half so you can get two, then attach the bubble wrap around the roll using double sided tape and apply paint sparingly and roll and roll along your background.  It's as quick and easy as that!   I used Distress Paint on mine but you can also use Gesso or ordinary acrylic paint applied with a paint brush.  I used a separate bubble wrap roll that I made to use exclusively with clear embossing ink,  applied the embossing ink sparingly once again, rolled that along the background and tipped on embossing powder, shook off the excess and heated.  You can of course do the paint step first, dry it and then do the embossing step to get a different look.
"Right decision"... (Seedless Preserve Distress Paint and a turquoise
embossing powder)
"Pain passes"... (Spiced Marmalade Distress Paint dried first, then Fired Brick
Distress Paint coated in clear embossing powder)
"Own wings"... (Picket Fence - white - Distress Paint dried then
clear embossing ink and silver embossing powder)
Here are a couple of backgrounds to show the random effect of the bubble wrap.

Below are the remaining samples from the last class, Distress Emboss Resist.  I thought I'd show you what the backgrounds look like with just the crayon resist before adding anything further to it.... love these backgrounds!  Almost too good to do anything else to them!

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