Saturday, August 16, 2014


Wrinkle Distress  -  No, I'm not referring to my worries about being over 50.  As they say, "Age isn't important, unless you are a cheese!".   Young in mind is more important to me as I don't want to be one of those old fuddy duddies who complain about the younger generation and all their imperfections (like we never had any!!!).  Anyway, I digress.... back to the Wrinkle Distress - the real one.  This is a technique using plain white tissue paper, glued wrinkly onto card stock and then coloured with Ranger Distress Stains.  I love how the wrinkles are really highlighted with the deeper colour and by embossing the edge of the whole card it adds another dimension to it.  Samples...
"Understood"... (love this colour combination - Evergreen Bough,
Mustard Seed and Rusty Hinge)
"Chaos, panic & disorder"... (Iced Spruce and Black Soot)
"His soul"... (Gathered Twigs, Frayed Burlap and Evergreen Bough)
I'll have more samples of Wrinkle Distress when I next post as during each class I make more samples of the technique.
This one below is from the Previous Class - Corrugated Distress Stains.
"Unexamined Life"...


Monica said...

Oh how i agree with your attitude to the younger generation. I now tell friend my age that complain "have you forgotten how outraged your parents where my our music, mini skirts and and long hair on men". If they look at me like i came from another planet I tell them there memory is getting bad. Always love your art. Don't usually comment as i hate to prove I am not a robot.

kelsey said...

Monica, I appreciate your comment and I'll continue to think of you as a robot if you like so comment away!!! It's funny now that beards are back in fashion for a lot of the younger generation and a lot of older people are poo-pooing them and saying how untidy they look... go back a few years and it was moustaches all the way. Hubby thought it was funny that girls are waxing all their hair off and men are growing it all over again. ;-)