Monday, April 21, 2014


Washi Tape is probably something that most people who have been doing any type of papercraft, would have come across over the last couple of years.  There are loads of "how-to's" on places like Pinterest and I have compiled a few ways to utilise this strong and versatile tape on my atc's.   I don't have that many purchased Washi Tapes, just the basics like gold, silver, some text ones and a few others.  However, that doesn't stop me from making my own!  I purchased some tape from the Pharmacy called Micro-pore Tape, it's used to tape down gauze bandages, has the same consistency as Washi Tape and comes in several thicknesses.  I colour mine with Distress Stains and Watercolour markers as I find the Distress Ink Pads don't really give enough colour to the tape.  The Micro-pore is also quite transparent when dry so you can still see some of the underneath card which is a similar effect of most of the purchased Washi Tapes.  I use Black Archival Ink (or Stazon) to stamp my designs.  Below are my samples for this class.
"Art is not a thing"... (Washi tape has
been made into a feather
using wire and beads)
"Focus"... Washi Tape is underneath the
word as well as the four
corners of the image.
"Besot"... (Washi Tape has been adhered
over a piece of string then
cut into a banner shape)
"Nature Concentrated"... (Washi Tape is
placed around all four
sides of the image)
"Once is enough"... (Washi Tape in silver is
placed underneath the wording)
"Side effects"... (Washi Tape has been
stamped with HOT and then
attached over 2 sides of image)
"Nothing in it"... (Washi Tape is used underneath
the wording as a contrast as well as the 3 fine
strips up the top and also covers the square
brad in the bottom left corner)
The above image "Nothing in it" is also from the previous class "Tissue Paper Stamping" and below are the last few samples from that particular class.
"Clue Deficit Disorder"...
"Cheap, Fast & Easy"...



Sue Campbell said...

They look great Kelsey especially the "Potential Side Effects" !!

Lavanya D'cruz said...

I was looking for articles on uses of washi tape and I came across yours inspiring read. You indeed gave me some interesting ideas. Thanks man!