Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Noodle Embossing

I had seen a couple of posts on the internet about using those silicon basting brushes as a way to do embossing.  The beauty of these brushes is, unlike an ordinary paint brush, the noodle type bristles separate and can place more randomly spaced lines on the card.  The other really unusual thing about this particular technique is no embossing ink is used.  (Note:  K-Mart sell the noodle brushes for $2 each!!!)
Generally when you do embossing, it's embossing ink onto a stamp and then pour your embossing powder on, tip off excess and heat the design to get the beautiful embossed stamped image.  There really is no other way to get this more random, organic effect than with the noodle brush and, wait for it....... water!   You need to work quickly so the water doesn't dry, don't use too much water and a low blow heat gun works the best as it won't blow all your embossing powder everywhere before it has a chance to heat and melt.  If you don't have the Ranger low-blow heat gun you can use a normal one, just heat from the underneath of the card and watch the embossing powder on the top as it melts and try not to burn the underneath of the card.   The smell should give it away, nothing like the smell of burnt card stock!!!  After the embossing is done you can go to town using your Glimmer Mists or Starburst Stains or whatever other shimmer sprays you have.  Here's my samples.
"Fragile"... (the tape up the top and down the bottom is
gold washi tape with one of my clear
sticky words placed on it)
"Obedient"... (this is me being my obedient wifely self.... lol... nope!)

"Nocturnal Spirit"... (love the organic effect of the stick
and the string on this one)
"Eternal Dreamscape"... (the shimmery paper up the top, which
you probably can't see very well, is actually some
gift wrap that I've had for years and use little
bits of it occasionally on my atc's.  It's very shimmery
and is quite crinkly, very hard to describe.  Keep your
eyes open for good gift-wraps to use!)
Finally one more sample from the previous class, Alcohol
Acetate Smoosh.
More Noodle embossing to follow.....


Ryn Tanaka said...

Hey Kelsey, I'm taking a minute to look through my blog list and this post caught my eye. Beautiful set of ATC's. I especially like how you made them in the theme of a word. Gorgeous art!

Samantha Marshall said...

So so beautiful Kelsey!!! I can't until I move back to Perth to do a few more classes with you:)