Thursday, September 2, 2010

A quick update...the art doll

Just a quick update....the art doll class starts on Saturday (4th Sept) and I have loads of photo's on my camera but unfortunately, my internet connection is down and I can't upload them. Hopefully it'll get sorted tomorrow (Friday 3/9) and I'll be able to put the pics up before the class. I also have the soot atc class in the morning so will be posting the pics of those too! But it was the art doll that I was most excited about.....stupid internet..... ;-( I'll probably be running the art doll class possibly another 2 times - one again on a Saturday afternoon for 3 Saturday's and then again on a Tuesday morning for 3 in a row. Some girls just can't DO weekend classes because of family/sport etc commitments so we have to try and accommodate them when we can.

Back soon....hopefully!

p.s. I'm accessing my blog from work...thanks Natalie. ;-)

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