Monday, June 21, 2010

Mosaic Embossing, Peeled Paint & The BDB

Mosaic Embossing is the 12th technique in Technique Book #3 so it'll be the last one. The books can end up quite chunky if I try to put any more in them so the next class will be Rinse Aid Resist (a la Claudine Hellmuth) and this will be the cover of Technique Book #4.

So here are a couple of samples for Mosaic Embossing....more to follow.

"Portal"... (this has a thin piece of mica placed over the door - glued on with Glossy Accents).

The atc's below are the final ones from last fortnight's Peeled Paint Technique.

"The nicest girls"...


"ec"... (for those who don't know, ec stands for Edward Cullen from Twilight...but you all knew that, didn't you!)

Okay, still on the vampire theme, I've been sucked in (excuse the pun) to another vampire series. I've always read horror stuff since I was young, all the Stephen King novels as well as Anne Rice, then of course Twilight, then True Blood. My latest obsession (and it IS that!!!) is The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J R Ward. Now we all know that Twilight is YA (young adult), True Blood is probably PG15, The BDB is actually much, much, MUCH racier. Don't bother to read them if you are not totally open minded and don't like your books sizzling hot. J R Ward is such a wonderful writer, her books are very easy to get drawn into. I belong to a Yahoo group dedicated to this series and we all contemplate who could possibly play the roles of the characters as they are so much larger than life (yep, in all ways!!!). Below are my thoughts of the characters at this point in time, of course I may change my mind as more books are released. So now you've been warned....proceed with (nothing explicit in the pics by the way, okay... maybe a little well-toned torso).
p.s. the spellings are correct according to the way they are spelt in the book

"JM"... (John Matthew, a newly transitioned vamp. On the left, the blood drop looking things are from the Cuttlebug embossing folder set with 5 in it called Pop something?)

"Z"... (Zhadist - one of the Brothers, another peeled paint technique atc)
"Vishous"... (another of the brothers whose tastes run to a little to the extreme...does the chain give you a clue? Oh my!!!)

"Potential side effects"... (something you may suffer while reading these books!)

"Lesser"... (every story needs a baddie and the Lessers are it, humans who've had their soul removed by an ultra baddie (The Omega) who also bleed black blood if attacked. The black blood in this atc is Tim's new black enamel paint - absolutely wonderful stuff in real life!)

More brothers to come as I do them. If you do get into this series, don't shoot the messenger if you don't like them. They come under the genre of Paranormal Romance and if you like that style, J R Ward is "the duck's nuts"! I actually contemplated saying nothing about this series but wanted to show the atc's so there you have it. All explained, do with it what you will. ;-)


Anonymous said...

quote: 'More brothers to come as I do them' end quote.
you wish miss Kelsey !

Samantha Marshall said...

Wow- just loving the mosaic embossing. The vampire series looks amazing!!! The Vishous ATC is fabulous with the cool embossed frame and chain. Okay, I must read this series-sounds very intriguing.

lisa_crofts said...

Kelsey early again I like it. I cant wait for class on Saturday. I love all the Atcs and know that the brotherhood ones look amazing irl you may even entice me read to one.

Jenny said...

OMG ! The BDB is AMAZING ! - Do yourself a favour and read them!
They should come with a "toy"as well LOL. I think V would be my favorite so far (especially with the chains LOL)
Love your ATC's Kels xox
Luv Jen

Gaby Bee said...

What a wonderful assortment, Kelsey!
I haven't left a comment for a while, but have been visiting often and drooling over your art... Your latest creations are simply usual!
Gaby xo

Jen Crossley said...

Wow you have really outdone yourself again Kelsey

Anonymous said...

Awesome Kelsey Cant wait til Saturday....C U Then