Friday, September 18, 2009

More Perfect Pearls

There are so many different ways of using Perfect Pearls and I've been playing with them for several days now, so I have a few more to show.

I also made a card using the overspray background that I was spraying the Perfect Pearls, Distress Re-inker & water combo onto the card stock....can't let anything go to waste!!! It's a pity that the Perfect Pearls are not done justice by the flatness of the computer screens, the shimmer when you tilt them to catch the light is unbelievable! First up, more samples of atc's.

"Showy"... (Lost Coast Designs stamp. Cuttlebug "Ironworks" chipboard shape)

"Preoccupied"... (Green Pepper Press stamp from the Curvature plate)

"Twilight"... (Cherry Pie stamp - moon & clouds, Green Pepper Press building stamp from Printed Matter plate)

"Aim for the moon"... (Same stamps as above but a different portion of the building stamp, the whole stamp is about 10 inches long!)

"Go confidently"... (This is the card, quote stamp and flourish stamp from one of Tim Holtz range from Stampers Anonymous. Embossed section up the top is one of the new Cuttlebug embossing range of 5 borders in 1 pack)

I still have another couple to post but they can wait until my next post.

On another note, it's been one year today since my Dad passed away. I really don't like the term "passed away"'s too soft for the sharp impact of the actuality of the event. Died is much more blunt, real and to the point. Though I think Dad would've preferred "shuffled off this mortal coil"!!! That's the Monty Python humour he always had, right to the end! Remember this photo? It still makes me laugh....yes, that's the sick bag on his head while he was in ICU (it was empty!). That's my friend Joan with him, 2-1/2 short months later she was gone too. I'm not as sad as I was, as they say...time heals, and it does. ;-)


Svetlana said...

My colours, my style. I love them.

Audrey said...

Hi Kelsey
sending hugs your way

Sam Marshall said...

I love these vey cool ATCs. The colours and textures in `Showy' are stunning. I love your card, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelsey,
What a great shot of two beautiful people. I bet they are still partying and being silly. Thinking of you and your family.

Ev said...

from one fatherless child to another - it still hurts even after 20 years. On a brighter note I love the ATC's.

They remind me of when I sent my mother in Scotland an xmas card done with PP's and she was spectacularly unimpressed with it until one rare day there was a bit of sun shine which hit the card and it sprang to life. I wonder what the other recipients of my cards thought over there!

Chris said...

BEEYOUTIFUL cards. Love how well you've used and impressed that stamp. GREAT textures and tones.


Hi Kelsey
I have been awole for two months and hace just started creating and catching up on blogs this week.I've spent all morning browsing blogs and as usual I have loved all your shared art here.I'm an old beeswax devotee so glad those two students saw the error of thier ways LOL.OMG is it really a year since your Dad died and then Joan too...I'm glad you can share that with us and we get to see that gorgeous photo again.See you soon Kelsey
hey I'm not doing any classes Sat at the CSR so if you need a volunteer helper for yours just let me know.

Chris said...

Well, missy! The base of the theatre is about 9 x 7, and it stands about 10 inches high because of the drawer, which I neglected to pull out at the bottom before photographing. And the white stuffies is cheesecloth all pulled apart. I didn't want to use that spiderwebby stuff because I didn't want it sticking to everything, plus it doesn't really evoke webs, to me. I figured the cheesecloth looked animated enough for my needs. But now I'm thinking a figure would be good in the scene, after all.

So, what's your snail addy again? I may have to send something and I don't think it would work if I send it 'General Delivery'.