Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tissue Paper Background & another card

The tissue paper background that I've been teaching in my current atc classes is proving really popular! The ease of use, non-messiness involved and the fact that it looks so darned great is impressing the girls so much that they are all chattering away about how they're going to use this technique to make cards, more atc's and even scrapbook pages! Here are some more samples.

"Nocturnal" (a favourite one of mine!) Yes Megan...that's Dimensional Magic on the lips! Private joke, when Megan first started in my atc classes her glue of choice was DM! I was horrified, all that shiny gluey stuff that could potentially ooze out and scream "look at me!!!!". One of the things I tell my students is that because atc's are so small, you have to pay particular attention to detail - like colouring the edge of your chipboard pieces AND having no glue showing! lol



Here's a card I made using some of Julie van Oosten's new Collections range - the transparency is new, as are the hearts and wings. I painted the heart with Ranger Picket Fence (white) crackle paint, then a soft metallic pink over the top. I covered one set of wings with paper and dry-brushed white metallic paint over it and the bottom set of wings have just been painted with the white metallic paint. I stitched the transparency to the pink card using a platinum coloured metallic thread - this sure beats having to hide any glue that you may have used and negates the use of brads or eyelets to attach the transparency. A bit of white gauze, some white scallop German Scrap on the inside right of the card and it's a quick, easy and pretty (did I say that???) card.

The very lovely Di O'Cobhthaigh (weirder than my name!!! - pronounced O'Coffee!) presented me with the Renee Award, which I thank her for (you can read about this award on Di's page). I've not been passing awards on of late as quite a few people have gone all "no-awardy", which is their perogative of course. Do yourself a favour though, visit Di's page as she's new to atc's but is doing an outstanding job with them!

On a personal note for my family that read this blog who live overseas, my son Jarred and his girlfriend Elice are home with us for a 2 week holiday. We don't get to see them very often, usually only once a year as Jarred is stationed at Williamtown, an air-force base in Newcastle over East. But by December of this year he will have done his 6 years and will be trying to get a posting back here to Pearce Air Base in Perth. His chances are pretty slim of getting the posting as there is only 1 position available and 20 people have applied for it. Regardless, he'll be back in Perth though as he wants to be home with his family and Elice is also a West Aussie and is missing her relatives as well. It'll be wonderful to have us all together again as we are a pretty tight-knit bunch. I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks and of the 70 people who are coming, 44 are family!


Gaby Bee said...

Congrats on your award!
Your latest ATCs are incredible, Kelsey! I would have difficulty choosing a favorite. All are stunning!
Gaby xo

Jenxo said...

Beautiful cards and it is a very pretty card jenxo

Jen Crossley said...

Hi Kelsey
How I miss you girl.Your cards are amazing as always.Glad you have your son home for the big day

Linda Cain said...

Wonderful work! TFS!!!!

Shelly said...

Oohh, I've some catching up to do on your blog !! Gorgeous new cards, particulary love "Secret of Life" and "Nocturnal". Your work always has such a fascinating other-wordly, ethereal look to it . . . which I love.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on Mr. Poe.

Shelly said...

That's supposed to be "other-worldly" up there. I goofed on the typing.

Pearl Maple said...

Enjoying your ATC posts, working in minature is an art all its own.

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

Chris said...

That heart and wings is STUNNING. woah. Your technique is always top o the mark. I love tissue paper, too. Such a simple way to get layers and to make transparent layers.
Really nice cards, Kelsey.

Lady Di said...

Love your creations as always, this tissue paper is really effective. I'm loving the new collections range too and your easy card doesn't look like it was easy. Keep well and thanks for the kinds words *** blushing ***. Di.


All are gorgeous Kelsey
I too am a tissue user for art...love the stuff and random textures it creates...ONG and you made the "C" word...a CARD!!.Well done LOL.Must get some art work done myself next week after recovering from classes in QLD with Jen Crosley(WAY fun they were)

Sam Marshall said...

Kelsey- every piece is incredible. I just love `Perfection'!