Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sheer Heaven transfer class & more of the TRIP!

Back in November was when I posted the last instalment about the mega-trip we did in April/May last year. I have all my photo's as my screensaver (about 1000 of them!) and my computer runs fairly constantly so as I come in periodically to check my emails etc, I am constantly reminded of the wonderful times we had. So I'll bore the pants off you for a little longer with a few more stops before I go onto the Sheer Heaven transfer atc's which is the next class I'll be teaching.

After Skagway (previous posting in November) we went to Sitka. I've checked the photo's and they are pretty boring, we went to a wonderful museum there and I took lots of photo's of masks and wonderful eskimo type stuff but it probably doesn't translate well so I won't put any of those up. Next up was Glacier Bay and viewing of the Hubbard Glacier.....what can one say about a 6 mile long piece of ice than constantly breaks off into the ocean....utterly amazing!!! Nothing that photo's can do justice to so I won't put those up either.

THEN we went to Vancouver and this city is absolutely beautiful! We spent a little time at the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the park where it lives. Kinda scarey walking across, for others though, not me, I'm not a 'fraidy cat about heights or wobbly things.

Capilano Suspension bridge in the background, myself, Grant and Joan.

We took the skyride up to Grouse Mountain where we saw fantastic wood sculptures, lots of snow and generally had a great time fooling around on this picture perfect, sunny day. Here's a shot taken out of the window of the skyride, oh for views like this every day!!!

Here's Mike, one of our ship companions doing his "Snow Angel" for us! I'd never seen that before, coming from Western Australia where there is no snow!

Yes, there was a bit of snow up there!!!

One of the large wood sculptures at Grouse Mountain, these things are huge!

This will give you an idea of the size of them, Joan and Mike inside one.

Joan and I also did a foot wander around of Vancouver as well. I was on a mission to try and find a "Nixon" item of clothing for my son, ended up buying a belt and a key-ring. I did run across a shop that had some really pretty glass vases in it that I thought he might appreciate so I took a photo of them for him. Funny thing was, as Joan and I were about to enter the store, we could smell this strange, familiar odour wafting from inside??? We'd only just passed 2 policemen too! Being good tourists, we just ignored it as if it was a common occurrence here in sleepy ol' Perth too! We were careful not to stay too long though, just in case we "forgot" our sense of time and missed the boat! lol

Here are 3 atc's from the next class, Sheer Heaven Transfers.
"Smile"... (flourish stamp from Michelle Ward's Green Pepper Press "Juliet" plate)

"Reactive Scattering" ... I've had this filmstrip punch for years and thought it lent itself rather nicely to this odd atc! The circular lined stamp in brown is from a Non Sequitur plate, Burning Hearts.

More to come...


Jenxo said...

great pictures of your trip, wonderful memories you will always have. I love your atcs Jenxo

Megan B said...

I am so glad to hear more of your trip, what an amazing experience to have had, I am so glad that there are so many good memories for you to look back on.

Anonymous said...

Got to love the snow pictures Kelsey...great memories for you to cherish.
Love "Smile" atc the best looking forward to Thursday !!


Sam Marshall said...

Very cool trip photos-love the vases;)
These ATCs are beautiful and I love `Reactive Scattering.'

Gaby Bee said...

Thanks for sharing these great pics.
Your ATCs are gorgeous. I especially love the second one!
Gaby xo

Lady Di said...

I bought some of that Sheer Heaven through Scraptivate and haven't used it yet 'cause I don't know how ... funny that. Maybe you'll do an online class???

Chris said...

I'm SO glad you are continuing the trip. I know it might have been difficult in ways. I love these photos. And your ATCs are always striking and beautiful.

I have had a busy life lately, but I really hope to work on some of your techniques in the next few days. Inspirational!

Kathleen said...

Hiya Kelsey :) I just had to leave a note to say THANKYOU for the inspiration - your ATC's are breathtaking.


Kathleen said...

Hi again! Yes, just last night I completed my first, and can totally see why they're addictive! I've been asked to do one for a product challenge, and didn't have the foggiest idea as to where to start, so thanks again :) Not sure what issue it's going to be in, but will be sure to let you know, would love your opinion!


Anonymous said...

Hi! We have a couple stores near where the ships dock in Gastown that sell marijuana items. Just thought I would let you know that those "glass vases" are actually pipes for smoking up. The cops mostly ignore the selling of the paraphernalia but do crack down (no pun intended!) every once in awhile on the smoking up in plain sight of everyone. Currently pot smokers are the least of our worries here in Vancouver where the police are concerned. Glad you enjoyed your visit to our city.

Olwyn from Vancouver

Pearl Maple said...

Fun photos, looks like a fantastic trip. Cool ATCs like the combination of images and colours.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Of course, now you're showing pictures of my city! I grew up in North Vancouver, which was at the base of Grouse Mountain. I never did like the swaying of the Capilano Suspension Bridge or the one in Lynn Canyon (which is free, btw). I'm glad that you enjoyed the trip and I'm happy that I chanced upon your blog (throught he inkjet transfer group)


Hi ya Kelsey
lovely ATC's and I adore the photos of your trip....a photo is a gift to memory that just keeps giving.Wonderful.Hey Kelsey I did laugh when I opened the suspension bridge one in a larger window as your Grant and mine both have glasses and similar smiles :o)