Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some art, an award....and my Dad

I managed to get another 4" x 4" canvas done with some inchies on them - actually, they are 1-1/4" square as the inchies were a little small - nice to have a little more room to work on too! This time the colours are black/silver/white. I particularly love doing these in fairly monochromatic tones, think my next one might be frosty blue, silver and off-white....but maybe red, black and white.....oh the choices!!!! Onto some pics...

...some close-ups...

Thankyou to Debbi Baker, Elizabeth Golden and Sarah Schwerin for bestowing this award on me. Gratitude flowing your way girls, it's nice to know I get SOME things right!!! lol

I'm not going to nominate people for this award, but I am going to recommend you visit the various blogs I have listed in my favourite blogs list down on the right. They all have something wonderful to offer, whether it's great inspiration, an insight into their observations of this arty world or fantastic techniques and awesome pictures.

These are a couple of atc's I've done for the previous 2 atc classes I've taught at Scraptivate.

Firstly, Fun Foam - and a little clay face added for good measure!

"Soul" was won by Karen in the watercolour techniques class, an easy watercolour (crayons) method and a more difficult watercolour (tube paints) method was taught in this class. Very difficult to describe so I'm not even going to try, suffice to say it takes a little practice to get this technique so YOU like what you've done! I'm sure the girls think I lie when I say I like their work, but it's easy for them to be overly-critical, I try to explain you are here to learn the technique, THEN go home and practice it....don't try to produce perfect atc's on a first-go!

I'd like to thank all the wonderful girls who've left me comments and emailed me privately about my Dad offering their kind words and support at this time of uncertainty. It's been 7 days since his operation and he is still in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit at RPH. He is still on life support and tomorrow they will be performing a tracheostomy so they can remove the breathing tube down his throat and attach it to the front instead. It breaks my heart to see him struggle with this tube and he coughs constantly trying to dislodge the foreign object that is causing his gag reflex to kick in.

The nurses are wonderful, constantly monitoring, adjusting his medication and talking him through everything they do to him. He just wants to be left alone to recuperate....that's my theory anyway. We are just playing the waiting game, it's oh so hard to do but we hope each day is going to be better than the last and if wishing could make him better, he'll be well on the way to recovery soon. A nurse told me today that good things happen slowly in the ICU and baby steps is the way to go for him.

A blog that I visit often is Seth's, The Altered Page. He's just recently done a third round of The Pulse, a wonderfully inspiring line-up of all sorts of artists. I was blown away when Seth emailed and asked if I would like to take part. Check it out, there's bound to be some people you haven't heard of but will be glad to know! The link above takes you to the particular page with the list of artists, this link takes you to his latest postings.


Anonymous said...

hi kelsey
I will keep practising that watercolour technique I am sure I will get one day. Hoorah for getting on Seth page but was there ever any doubt.

Praying for your Dad

Lisa Crofts

seth said...

Great ATCs and inchie canvas -- love the color palette. Thanks for the link the The Pulse on my blog as well!

Wendy said...

wow...your work is so arty and gothic....really unique style

Jenny said...

Glad to hear your dad is making those baby steps Kelsey, thinking of you often

Luv Jen xxx

Fryne said...

This canvas is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Sam Marshall said...

Love the fabulous black ad silver colour combination. You're such a inspiration!!!
The foam ATC is so funky ad the watercolour is beautiful.
****Warmest wishes and thoughts to your Dad for a speedy recovery.*****

Sarah said...

Your inchies and ATC's are just stunning. You and your Dad are in my thoughts, hoping for a speedy recovery

Dot said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dad Kelsey. A scary and worrying time for you. Will keep him in my thoughts.

Your inchies are gorgeous (you have such a eye for detail). Love how you have used the fun foam and your ATC's are brilliant as always.

Sending you love and support.

Dot xx

Sarah Schwerin said...

LOVE your mini canvas Kelsey! Will have to give this a go! Your ATC's are great too. Damn I wish you lived in Sydney! Busting to do your classes!
Still sending out good vibes for your dad - and big hugs to you and your family.

Julie H said...

Hi Kelsey
I am thinking of you and yours - hugs and prayers.
A always I am blown away by your work - and love the variety on this canvas.