Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bon Voyage!

The day has finally arrived, we leave tonight for our 5 week trip to far-flung places. I have all good intentions of blogging a couple of times while I'm away so hopefully I'll manage to get around to actually doing it! What with cloud-walks through rainforest in Costa Rica, shop-til-you-drop at market stalls in Mexico, helicopter flights that land on Glaciers in Alaska.....who knows if I'll have the energy to pound my little fingers on the key-board! lol

I have pre-prepared some pages in a journal all ready for adventures to be written up, tickets to be stapled and stuck in, my twinkling H2O's & aqua-brush will be coming with me so I can decorate my written journallings (is that a word???). I couldn't possibly go without SOME sort of arty stuff to do and I hope to collect some goodies while I'm away......I DO have an extra 10kgs worth of space in my suitcase that I can add so all is good with the World! ~grin~

Be back in Perth around the 21st May but hopefully will blog before then......I couldn't possibly post without a picture so here's a pic of my girlfriend Joan (the one who's coming on the trip with us) and myself....taken a few years ago now and a little blurry....or was that a soft-filter effect???? lol


France said...

Have a great trip! YOU lucky thing you!!!!!

Dawnie said...

You just make sure you have the best time and come home safe and sound. look forward to hearing about all the adventures K.


Jacky said...

Have fun Kelsey and Joan... what amazing adventures you will have. I am so glad you are taking your journal and art goodies with you.
Take care and will keep an eye on your blog for news (and pics?)

Denise said...

Enjoy Kelsey !

Annette Husband said...

Have great time Kelsey and I look forwared to seeing and reading about your adventure and art

Julie van Oosten said...

Hey Kelsey, live the dream and I hope your trip is one of a lifetime...I hope your travels are safe and inspiring and I know you will make new friends, perhaps lifelong friends.....we will miss you until your the world, and bring back your journal filled with memories and experiences....Julie

Carol said...

Kelsey, have a wonderful trip, draw and take lots of pictures to share with us. Have a great adventure, Carol

Audrey said...

Hope your all having a blast.

Binxcat1 said...

green with envy here chickie... can't wait to see your pics when you get home. oh and btw I like the "soft" filter effect... I'd stick to that story! LOL