Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shrink Plastic atc class, soot class

The shrink plastic atc class that I taught a couple of months back was so popular I decided to do a "shrink plastic re-visited" class as there are other techniques that can be done with this product. Here's the raffle atc from the last Saturday atc class...

The shrink plastic portion of this atc is in the upper left hand corner. It's a piece of white shrink plastic that I cut out using deckle decorative scissors, then lightly scribbled some coloured sharpie marker on it, then blended the colouring with the Blending Solution that is used for Ranger alcohol inks. Before heating it with a heat gun, I inked up a postage-mark stamp with brown Stazon and left that aside for the moment. Then the shrink plastic piece was heated with a heat gun to shrink, when it has shrunk to it's fullest, while it is still hot, I stamped into it with the postage-mark stamp and pressed down. I waited for about 5 seconds for it to cool then lifted up the stamp and the shrink plastic piece comes off the stamp cleanly, leaving an impression in the shrink plastic piece so it is much more textural than a normal piece of stamped shrink plastic. I then mounted it onto a piece of torn dark brown shimmer paper and attached to the atc.

Another way of using shrink plastic is to do multiple stampings on a piece of shrink plastic of a reasonable size - say 6" x 5". Stamp like you would for a collage piece, the piece can be coloured first with sharpies or alcohol inks or you can sand first (if you're using white or almond), then stamp, then colour the images if you like. You can then cut sections out using decorative scissors (or normal scissors) or use a large punch so you get portions of different stamps on each piece, then shrink and use how you want!

I taught another soot class on Tuesday night last week and the girls all loved how they turned out using Glimmer Mists underneath the soot for added colour & shimmer. I have used alcohol inks before under the soot before, but the Glimmer Mists are so fabulous as there's a huge colour range - from blues, greens, reds, yellows as well as metallic silvers, bronzes and golds. I didn't take a picture of the raffle atc before I gave it away but the base colour in Glimmer Mist for the raffle one was called Patina....a beautiful blue shimmery colour. This one below is another sample I did for the class using the colour Wheatfields, a lovely olive green colour with a green pearly shimmer.

The instructions for doing the soot technique is here.

This weekend I have also worked on a canvas though I can't show any pictures yet as it's supposed to be going into a scrapbooking magazine (stop laughing.....I CAN do things that may appeal to scrapbookers too!!! lol) When it's published I'll be able to post the pics as well as which magazine it is - I don't remember if it is Scrapbook Creations, Scrapbooking Memories or something similar sounding???

Less than 3 weeks to the big trip, biggest decisions are how many pair of shoes to take and whether to take day cream & night cream, or just wing it with one to cut down on weight!!! lol


Jen Crossley said...

Love your Transformation ATC just Stunning it is so beautiful.
Kelsey Kelsey what am I going to do with you girl a S&M Mag what next LOL

Sam Marshall said...

Wow- these are beautiful! Thanks for all the info.

Ev said...

just beautiful as usual. Nothing wrong with being a cross over crafter, have been that way myself for years LOL.

Jenny said...

Kelsey - take the day cream only LOL! - night cream is way to heavy for during the day sweetie, take the day cream and you can put it on thicker at night LOL!!!

Who need lots of shoes on a cruise?
Buy them ova there!!!

I love the glimmer mists and they look great with soot - now I need to play with mine - the burnt red is also really really nice

Luv Jen xxx

mary schweitzer said...

I love love love Transformation! What a cool look! You are so creative and inspiring.

Genevieve said...

Great contrast with the shimmer mists and the soot, Kelsey.

Pack your bag and then take out half. Leave the night cream at home as you will be partying all night long and have no need for it anyway! And you can never have enough shoes, but do you really need more than a nice pair of thongs (the foot type) and a pair of heels on a cruise? Plus the less you take the more you can buy!!



Sian said...

Great ATCs and great techniques!

Trisha said...

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Thank you Kesley.