Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tissue Paper Background Technique

Tissue paper background has been around for a has various permutations but these are the ones I'll be showing the girls on Saturday at the next atc class. We'll be using black tissue paper, dress-making tissue paper and plain ol' white tissue paper. Three different ways of attaching it too.... Xyron 250, glue-stick and jac paper. The idea behind having a great background is to show it don't cover it all up too much, you still want to see what all the effort was for!

First up, "Certified", this is dress-making tissue with the oh so fabulous colour, Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold (Golden Paints of course).

Next up is "Ray". This is black tissue paper with Gold embossing powder. The sun up the top is a piece of mat board that has had 4 layers of Gold embossing powder melted onto it, one layer after the other, before adding the final layer, ink up a stamp with embossing ink and quickly before the final layer of embossing cools, stamp into it to get a great embossed image!

Okay, this next one had me stumped for a while, I used a combination of a yellow and a yellow/green paint onto plain white tissue and realised this is just SO not my colour combo!!! So I had to add some interference green and some Jenkins Green to darken it slightly before I was happy with it. I've used the scratches stamp from Stampers Anonymous (a Tim Holtz one....great stamp!) and embossed this with Patina Gold embossing powder...a gorgeous combination of black and gold embossing powders mixed together for a great antique look. Go ahead! Try mixing your own embossing powders to get some fantastic combinations like this one! I used this same embossing powder on the remaining exposed double sided tape above the words that I attached to a piece of chipboard. Does that make sense?

I do have another one finished and another one almost finished, so I will endeavour to post pics tomorrow.

Oh, almost forgot! In the last post I made a cryptic note about what I used to colour some of the shrink plastic, it looked like this ********! Give up? None of the girls in the atc class guessed what I used....though they should have, I use these ALL the time! SHARPIES!!! Scribble some sharpies on to the shrink plastic, coloured ones of course, you don't have to completely cover it as too much will make it too dark. Then take some blending solution (Ranger - from the alcohol ink line) on your felt pad and blend it like you would alcohol inks.....FABULOUS colour!!! Stamp, then shrink and if you want, coat with Dimensional Magic, Papier Glass or Diamond Glaze - all are a similar type of dimensional coating.


Jen Crossley said...

Kelsey you are Totally amazing girl!!!
You never cease to amaze me with your ATC and Techinques.Im totally inspired

cain81 said...

Fabulous Work!!!! Wonderful colors!
Love it all!


belinda said...

just gorgeously dark kelsey!!

Jo Anne Owens said...

Great stuff is so cool when you post different things that it makes me want to run right out and spend dh's money!! LOL

Keep it up!

Dawnie said...

Hey there groover
You'll have everyone out doing the mad grab on tissue paper and riffling through those old dressmaking patterns now,he-he
Great inspiration Kooky girl

Prawnface xxx

Julie H said...

Fantastic! And the colour in the bottom one works beautifully.