Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rinse Aid Resist on Canvas Paper...and Anthophobia!!!

If you're a fan of Claudine Hellmuth (as I am), then you'll know she does absolutely wonderful techniques which are outlined in both of her books and on both of her dvd's. When I first got into this collage/mixed media caper a couple of years ago, she was a huge inspiration to me to try out as many different techniques as I could glean from books, dvd's and the internet. One of my favourites is the Rinse Aid Resist technique which is going to be my atc class this Saturday. Below are two samples of the canvas paper using this particular technique.

This next one is not an atc, but is about 5-1/2" x 4-1/2" with a lovely man who makes eyeliner look absolutely fabulous on a male!!! The wonderful rinse-aid resist forms the background for this piece...

Now an atc with rinse-aid resist technique for the background....

For those of you who love the German Scrap that I use on a lot of my work, it is now available on-line through the store where I work, Scraptivate, click here to go straight to the on-line shop where you can purchase this fantastic paper embellishment. More will be uploaded as it comes into the store....yes, there is still more to come!!!

I'm off on a short trip next weekend (29th) to visit my son over East (Newcastle, NSW) so I expect posting on my blog will be a little haphazard for a bit. I have to be super-organised for my next atc class on the 6th of October as I arrive back on Friday the 5th and teach my next atc class the next day so I've been doing a little pre-preparation for that one. Here are a couple of samples to show you the technique I'll be doing.

I'm going to be teaching a workshop when I visit over East and hope to show the girls some of the things that they've been asking about on my blog.....hi girls ....see you soon!

ANTHOPHOBIA: An abnormal and persistent fear of flowers. Sufferers experience anxiety even though they realize they face no threat from flowers.

The new dare for our group on Aussie Dares is "Irrational Fears" (it'll be posted by Friday I think). I really have no irrational fears but I couldn't let a little technicality like THAT stop I think that my dislike of using flowers on my work, as all the girls at work and in my classes know, will qualify. Even though it's not a fear, more like an aversion. It's not that I don't like flowers, I actually do, hubby does a great job of giving them to me for all sorts of reasons, including no reason at all, which is the best reason! lol I just can't seem to use them on my work and I find that there is an overuse of flowers on all sorts of layouts....I suppose though it's like brads/eyelets....just another decorative element....just not for me! So here's the atc that I made called Anthophobia.


claudine hellmuth said...

ohhh great job on the tech! so glad you are enjoying it :)

Natalie B said...

Kelsey, these pieces are great!! Have fun in Newcastle :-)

Judy said...

Maaaaaaaate, are you coming to Sydney???
LOL The flowers - soooo cracked me up!!!
OOOH nice comment from the master - hehehehe.

Genevieve said...

Sorry, couldn't get past Johnny Depp! A man, who I reconn, could make anything look good!!!!!!Yummo..and I'm sure all the other stuff you put on you post so fabo too!!


Dawnie said...

You'll have all the flower power girls in an uproar.
Me, well of course it cracked me up.
Love the embossing tech look too.
say hi to Nobby for me on your trip next week.

Chat soon

Rebecca said...

I find flowers hard to use too. I love those backgrounds. I really need to know what this rinse aid technique is. I assume Rinse aid is a cleaning product.

Jen Crossley said...

Your such a dag Kelsey you have the most wraped sence of humour than anyone I know NEVER CHANGE!!!
Love your resit technique.That Johnny Depp piece I remember seeing it when I first met you and I thought you would think I was a dag If I asked you to sell it to me but I wanted it bad!!!

carmel said...

drool all over your stuff! drool on Johnny! love the flowers LOL - you'll have to put it in your will, no flowers just pics of Johnny or Him! cheers, Carmel xx

vivian said...

love it! i guess me cracking up on thursday made that clear hey? ;)
take care over east ;)

Dot said...

I love your sense of humour Kelsey and your art is always so interesting and different from everyone else's (I love it). I have both of the Claudine Hellmuth books and they are fabulous). She explains things so well!

Hope you have a fantastic time in Newcastle - it will be lovely to see your son.

P.S I would love to jolly Johnny Depps' Roger he heh....

Love the ATC about flower phobia (I am a bit with you there!).

Claire said...

Oh Kelsey, you are my hero. I have been meaning to try this resist technique since I saw it in CH's book - but I have never got up the guts to do it because it seems like whenever I try out a new technique without someone there to help me I end up with a horrible mess.
That's it. Next weekend, horrible mess or not, I am going to try this technique.
Thanks for lending me some moxie!

belinda said...

only have her first book ... sounds and looks all so yummy, something to try out i guess!!