Saturday, May 31, 2008

Columbia & raffle atc for Faux Tin Types

Our first port of call on our vacation was Cartagena (pron. Cartahaynia) in Columbia. There were dancers and a group of musicians to welcome us on shore.....or rather, our tourist dollars which I'm sure flowed freely! pics enlarge too!!!

We did a tour of a Fort, I'm no good at remembering which hordes they were trying to fight off, my hubby is the one who has the perfect memory for all of that sort of information. I just try to look for good picture opportunities! These people came to greet out boat as we pulled into the shore of the little Island where the fort was in the bay. It costs them $5 each every day to buy water to drink as the Island has none and they support themselves in part by selling hand-strung beads to the tourists that come for the Fort tour.
Here's the fort as we approached it...

This statue below was inside the Fort and had an interesting story attached to it. Apparently it was a giver of miracles and several had been performed and witnessed when people came to pray to it....until someone painted the toenails on the statue....she stopped performing miracles then. I noticed as I was listening to the guide's story about this that she actually has no feet now, obviously they felt if they broke the offending painted toenails off, the miracles would start again....wonder if they did???
Here's a pic of my girlfriend Joan and my husband Grant in front of the ship we were on, Celebrity Cruise's Millennium.....just a little dinghy....90,000 tonne with 2000 passengers and 1000 crew. A nice intimate little vessel!
I taught my Faux Tin Type class today and the girls commented on how much better this looks in real life as several of them had checked out my previous post with the couple of pictures of this particular technique. The flat computer screen does it no justice at all. This atc was the Scraptivate raffle atc won by Maureen, yay Maureen! She's been coming to my classes for 18 months and this is her first win!!!

Simple really, take a sepia or black and white transparency image, run it through a xyron to add adhesive to the back of it, then attach it to a piece of foil tape. Add a frame of some sort, the cuttlebug frames are perfect though you have to complete your frame first - either emboss it or colour it with paint or sharpie and then maybe rub some treasure gold or rub'n'buff over the frame to finish it off. Then add some double-sided tape to the back of the frame, attach to the transparency image, trim away excess transparency and foil tape, peel off the backing of the foil tape exposing the adhesive and attach to your atc or whatever. An excellent Faux Tin Type - perfect for all those old family photo's!

Panama Canal is next.....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Back to Perth with a definite thud! The holiday is definitely over and I've been back at work this week and today have been preparing for my next atc class this Saturday - Faux Tin Types. Currently I'm burning a disc with all of my holiday photo's, there was 2000 of them but I've culled it significantly.......HOW many pictures of snow covered mountains does one actually need, I ask you! I'll definitely be including some happy snaps of our time away but as you are not blood-related to me, I won't bore you to death with every little detail and captured image, this is reserved for those who are unfortunate enough to have familial blood running through their veins. Just checked my lap-top, there is 1,083 pictures which is 2.4 gig in total and I'll be getting some hard copies made so I can include them in my journal.....when I get to it!
So onto the Faux Tin Types, these are like the old fashioned photo's, not pretend metal embellishments....there was some confusion at work over this as I didn't leave any samples for the girls to show those who asked about the class while I was away. A very simple process which I'll go into after the class, if I give all the guts away now, the girls won't turn up, will they! Suffice to say they look pretty good and are especially wonderful for those vintage sepia pictures of your long departed relatives.

First sample...."eternal love" (my Grandparents on their wedding day in 1936)...

Second sample...."Classic Mona"...

Another class that I'm going to be teaching in July (I think???) is a Technique Class, this is 4 hours showing 5 different techniques. It's for the girls who just can't get their head around atc's and ask "what do you do with them?", but they'd still like to learn the techniques so they can apply them to scrapbooking or altered books or other mixed media. It'll be done in a book form and I have a 2nd Technique Class forming in my head too as 5 techniques just ain't enough! This first one will cover credit card background, sheer heaven transfers, peeled paper technique, alcohol inks and faux leather.

I'm still waiting for my laptop to download the pics onto a disc so I can then put them on my desktop next time I post I'll have some pics to show of the mega holiday. ;-) I know, you can't WAIT!!! lol

Monday, May 19, 2008

Finally....a post.....

Last night on the ship tonight....actually, I typed "schwip".....I've had 2 Long Island Iced Tea's and after 5 shots, sorry, TEN shots of tripping over mhy words...darn.....needless to say, this will be short!!!

After spending just over 4 weeks on a cruise ship, I am all cruised out. The food has been spectacular, the sights scintillating (impressed by my still intacty spelling skills....hahahaha), the company fabulous, the staff outstanding, the passengers.....well......"interesting". Won't elaborate, much, anyway........

Be back in a few days with some pics to post but I thoughyt I'd better (drat) get it out while I can......the journal is just about kaput! I wrote in it sooooo much that it's fallen apart and pages have drifted over the side of the ship into the ocean....scattered across the seas......
To tell the truth, I have written about 3 times in it and that's it. I wrote lengthy emails every couple of days with great detail in it and am thinking about cheating and cutting out bits from it and sticking it in my journal. Is this allowed???? Who do I ask???? Joan, the one who had a memorable Mother's Day with me in a bad Irish bar......"I'm focussing!!!".....I'll have to fill you in on that one later but needless to say, SHE was ill and I wasn't, ANYWAY, Joan HAS finished her journal......what a "b"!!!!!! (I really do love her.....) I'm a cham;pion!!!! (not a champion typer at the molemnt.......disintegrating....better go......)