Tuesday, February 27, 2024


 I have a few different metal cutting dies that create wing shapes and the girls requested a Wings class to get some ideas on how they can be used. You don't necessarily need to have a person with wings, it can be anything that mimics a body shape (or not!). You can even cut off the wings from an existing insect or bug cutting die and use the wings from another source to go on the body. I have included in the sample images below, an ATC I started to make that used a rib cage for the body and some black wings that were painted with shimmer paint to go either side of the image. A die-cut heart shape or stamped also works well with wings. Leaf shapes also make wonderful wings and work well with any botanical-style imagery.

"Make things happen"



"Light tomorrow"

"Once an angel"


Leaf shapes can be used for wings.

You can also use part of a body for the torso and
add wings.

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