Tuesday, August 2, 2022


 Metallic watercolour paints show up beautifully on black watercolour paper. Some brands are better than others as they are more highly pigmented. The interference/iridescent paints that won't appear on white cards are gorgeous on black! To make it easy, I have embossed stamped images with white embossing powder, keeping the watercolour paint within the stamped areas. I even used clear embossing powder on one of the atc's and this worked as well, however, the white embossing powder gives you the most contrast. If you have some metallic watercolour paints, give them a go on black card, the shimmer and shine when tilted to the light is unbelievable!

"Choose to shine"


"Beauty in simplicity"
(This embossing is the one with the
clear embossing powder.)


"Too much happy"

"Use your wings"

"Use your wings" close-up

Tuesday, July 19, 2022


 There are so many ways to use a gel plate; for this class, pigment powders are the base for this layered background technique. Stamping, stencils, acrylic paint, and dies are all used to add further interest to the gorgeous coloured backgrounds. I used Nuvo Shimmer Powders, Lindy's Magical Shakers, Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powders and even my Ken Oliver Liquid Metals on the gel plate to create my samples. Then it's multiple layers of all the other products that are added to finish them off.

"Live your story"

"I'm so goth"




"Digging in the ground"

Wednesday, July 6, 2022


 Alcohol Inks are always good for a book cover class and we are up to Book #28. For this technique we'll be taking advantage of how beautifully alcohol inks react when scraped across the substrate. I'm using the Kirkland Photo Paper for this technique but Yupo or Grafix would work equally well. I do like using my metal angled palette knife rather than something like a credit card as it's much easier to see where the ink is going if it's not covered up by the size of a credit card while doing the scraping. I stumbled across a happy accident too that created the most gorgeous swipes by using gel pens. All stamping was done using Ranger Archival Black Ink and even though it was left to dry for a long time, I still found it would smudge a bit so to save any mishaps, I clear embossed the stamping. For the drawing, I used my .01 Uni Pin Fine Black Pen and clear embossed the drawn images as well. 

I haven't done my cover yet as we've had a new addition to the family, a new granddaughter for hubby and me. We welcome Mila Grey to our family and this brings us to 3 grandchildren. The life of a grandparent is surely a wondrous thing.  I love them all so very much and really look forward to some more years of baby and toddler antics. 

"Strange noise"

"Peace within"

"Distant and dying"

"State of mind"

"Organically grown

"Focus on the good"

Little Mila Grey is 24hrs old in this picture. 💟

Tuesday, June 21, 2022


 Since I've been getting a bit more into various watercolour techniques, I have managed to acquire a few different brands of watercolour paints. I love the dark moody colours of the Boku-Undo E-Sumi Shadow Black and Shadow Black Mei colours, the gorgeous transparency of the Daniel Smith watercolours, Gansai Tambi paints tend to be more opaque than transparent but the 6 set of the Gansai Tambi Starry colours are my go-to for golds in various shades. I also use a variety of white, black, and gold gel pens to add further detail. So this class is all about abstract shapes on 300gsm watercolour paper, how the colours can bleed into one another and then the embellishing when it all dries. I've seen quite a lot of these shapes and styles on the socials but wanted to add words to mine and found handwriting around the shapes didn't detract from the flow as much as a stamped word would. I hope the girls agree. 


"Like the moon"

"Something you find"

"Expect nothing"

"Going for a walk"

"Life is short"

Here is a card I made using the same technique.
"Life is better with friends"

These are a few of my favourite pens that I have used to
do the extra embellishments. That DecoColor Premium
Paint Pen in Gold is just absolutely wonderful!

Tuesday, June 7, 2022


 I've had a set of Tombow water brush markers for so many years but I have a limited colour palette. Whilst in Kmart (Australia), I found a set of 12 colours of water brush markers for only $8. After watching a few Youtube videos I had an idea of how I wanted to use them and they worked SO well and did exactly what I wanted. I wanted to expand from the Kmart set of 12 I bought, so I purchased a set of 36 colours of Ohuhu water colour brush markers from Amazon Australia for a pretty good price (around $31AUD). This expanded my colour palette and worked beautifully. 

The girls in my class can be a bit put off if they have to draw or paint free-hand so this is really the best of both worlds, a pen style marker to do your initial laydown of colour, then a watercolour brush (I used a #4 round brush) or an aqua brush to get the colour to spread and form the shape you like. I love the various ways of doing botanicals with these markers. 

"Bloom and grow"
(The silver speckles are from the Ranger Foundry
Wax in Sterling mixed with a little isopropyl
alcohol to make a runnier consistency, then
splattered on with a paintbrush. After heating
with a heat gun, they shimmer like nothing else!)

"Bloom and grow"
(This is a better picture showing how sparkly
those silver speckles are.)

"Collect moments"

"Dream big"

"Don't count the days"


"See beauty"

These are samples that have not been completed and turned into atc's. They'll probably end up being cards but I wanted to include them here, because, why not. 😊

Tuesday, May 24, 2022


 I have previously done a class where we used embossing powder to create blobs on a craft sheet that could be peeled up and used as an accent when cooled. This is a further adaptation to this class. I'm sure that everyone who has used embossing powder has a huge collection of colours that will last them forever so this is an excellent way to use what you have.  I used Ranger Collage Medium to glue my embossing skins down but I know that the Tombow Mono Glue and the Ranger Matte Medium will both work fine as well. The trick is to be gentle with your embossing powder skin as it can break where it is thin. To stop all of the embossing powder from blowing everywhere as it is in little piles, I use a piece of baking paper over the top as the baking paper can take the heat of the heat gun and it keeps
the powder in place. It can make the powder matte though, so you need to heat it once again without
the baking paper in place to make it glossy again. But that causes holes, so it's a fine balancing act between the two.

"Walk in nature"

"If found dead"

"No longer available"
(I've wanted to use this quote for a 
ghost image for ages.)

"Fake smiling"


(This one is a little different. It has the layers of
embossing powder on top of some chipboard
wings that have been attached before dumping
all of the colours of embossing powder down.
This gives a very thick layer of embossing powder
in various colours that also run off the edge onto
the background to give a very organic look.)

Tuesday, May 10, 2022



Distress Oxide Inks and Distress Inks are both water-reactive which can be an added bonus when you want a stamped image that is not too perfect and precise. I used the Distress Oxide Inks for my examples below as I prefer the extra opacity of those inks as well as their oxidation that softens the colours. I have done the technique in the past where you ink up your stamped image, then spritz the stamp and press down onto your receiving surface. This creates a watercolour effect and blurs your stamped image. This one is different in that you stamp your image directly from an inked stamp, then spritz your stamped image with water which causes the inks to wick out and bleed. Working on atc's doing this technique can be challenging as you are working with such a small surface to start with and you need to be careful with which images you choose. I must admit, I wasn't particularly happy with any of mine as I was working on them, but found as I added more colour in the background or added some shading where needed and some words, they came together in the end.

"Aura of foreboding"
(This one is my favourite! I 
used my Stabilo All black 
pencil & my aqua brush to draw the
figures in the forest on the bottom left.
It can be nerve-wracking to spritz
the words directly on the background
as you don't know how much they will
wick out, and black is super-strong!)

"Get busy living"
(The Frayed Burlap tumbleweed stamps
wicked out really well but I found the
Hickory Smoke on the top of the twiggy
tree didn't want to wick.)

(This one has some added shading under the hyenas.)

"Live everyday"
(The floral stamps lost their definition a fair bit
so I used my Unipin fine liner to redraw the
shapes of the flowers.)

"Sea the positive"
(This one wicked out a lot!)

"Enjoy today"

Finally, a card that I made using my left-over atc that wasn't required for the class. I've started to make sure I turn these excess atc's into cards to add to my card stash for when they could be needed.