Thursday, September 15, 2022


 Brush marker watercolouring is a very simple and quick way to add colour to stamped and embossed images. My examples were all embossed with white super fine embossing powder for the best detail on these floral open-style stamps. Most of my colouring on the flowers was using only 2 colours and the variation comes from the amount of colour put down initially as well as how much water is used when blending the colour out. Less is always more; you can add more colour if you need more depth or shadows. Grey makes great shadows under your stamping and you can continue the blending out with water so your background is not just a plain colour. All of mine were created on 185gsm watercolour paper as this will allow the colours to be blended out whereas ordinary card stock can grab onto your colour from the brush markers and you will find it difficult to get it to spread successfully.

"Field of roses"

"State of mind"
(This is one example that needed to have the complete
background coloured in as the focal points of the bird
and the mushrooms were not large enough to
stand out from the plain white background.)

"Let life surprise you"

"Own your dreams"

"Be authentic"

"Live everyday"

Finally, this is a card I made using this simple brush marker colouring technique that inspired me to shrink the technique down to suit atc's. It does look spectacular on a card front but I'm also pretty happy with how it works on the smaller atc sizes.

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