Saturday, December 31, 2011

Technique Book #7!!!

Here it is, 31st December 2011 and I have a mini-post today. I've just finished my cover for the ATC Technique Book #7 which I'll be teaching next Saturday (7th January 2012) at Scraptivate. It's a Metal Foil Tape cover and I've used both the Cuttlebug embossing folders as well as a stamp to decorate it. I've been using this metal foil tape for years now and it's one of my firm favourites! So many things you can do with it and Scraptivate sells it for $1 per metre....what a bargain!!!

This cover is 8" wide x 6" high, or 20.5cm x 15.5cm if you prefer metric. ;-) Click on the picture to get more detail. The little squares and rectangles are done separately and added after. Tomorrow I'll be working on my sample atc's for this class so I'll post again before next Saturday.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2012!

Friday, December 9, 2011

UTEE and My Book!

Yes, I'm still going on about my book, in case you missed it in the last post....I have my ATC Technique Book finally finished. (To see the front cover check out my previous post here). It has 40 techniques in it for $35, A4 sized with colour sample pics of each technique. Postage anywhere in Australia in a tuff bag is $4 and postage to the US, the UK, most of Europe and Asia is $14 or less (Asia is less than $14). If you want a copy you can either pick it up from Scraptivate where I teach my classes or if you can't get in there, email me on this link and I can organise it for you through the post. I take direct deposit and paypal.

Onto the upcoming and final ATC class for this year...UTEE. For the uninitiated it stands for Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel, basically it's a thicker, chunkier embossing powder. Great for giving a really metallic look to chipboard embellishments and I'll be using both black and clear in the class. Samples...

To get in the spirit of Christmas...

"Sweater"... (the frame is embossed with UTEE & stamped)

"Alcohol and Calculus"...(the chipboard embellishment up the top is UTEE embossed and looks very thick and metallic in the flesh)

"Bizarre"... (once again, it's a chipboard embellishment that's coated with UTEE)

"Fashion"... (another UTEE embossed & stamped chipboard embellishment with a little Gilding Wax rubbed over the top to show the detail)

"Antique Love"... (yes, it's a chipboard embellishment, coated with UTEE, stamped & Gilding wax rubbed over to show the details of the stamping)

I also did a card using this technique, the gold section in the centre is UTEE that's been stamped into and laid over the top of the same stamp that was done on white card. Make sense?

This next atc is from the previous class, Transparent ATC's.

"Bite Night"...

Lastly, here's one that was from the second last class, Clear Embossing & Gilding Wax. This one's on it's way to you Barb!

"Constipated people"...

I may not be back here until my next atc class in 2012, the first one is Saturday 7th January so it's only a few weeks. Though I do have one more update to do on my naughty blog....sssshhhhhhh..... Happy Christmas everyone!