Monday, August 6, 2007're it! (plus some art)

Wow! Tagged twice in one day! I've been nominated for an Inspirational Blogger Award as well as Rockin' Girl Blogger Award, first one by Nat B, second one by Belinda Schneider. Two absolutely wonderfully talented bloggers/artists, thanks you've given me a job! Have to narrow it down to just 10 people to receive these two back from me...5 for each.

Inspirational Blogger Award Nominations:

Keron, Julie van Oosten, Judy, Michael de Meng & Michelle Ward.

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award Nominations:

Carmel, Jenny C, Natalie W, Debbi B & Audrey . (Even though Audrey has only just started her blog, and I mean VERY new, she's a Rockin' Girl and deserves this!)

I know some of these girls (& boy....okay, have been tagged before but just thought they deserved it again!

So no new art from me, we had family stuff on the weekend so the only arty thing I did was make 15 atc's for a transfer swap that I'm I only have another 27 to go!

Just so there's some pic's included in this post, below are a few 4" x 4" canvases I made this year for people.

The quote on the bottom of this next one says "Colours speak all languages"......(this is about as "pretty" as I can get....don't know what came over me??? lol)


Jenny said...

The canvases are absolutley beautiful Kelsey, I cant even say which one I like best! so I like ALL of them the BEST ! LOL

Take care, hope your annoying little cough has gone now

Jen xxx

sharon (glitterangel) said...

Wow, I love them all, what absolutely fabulous work!

Judy said...

Love the canvases, your enchant one has one of my favourite images on it - very serene and elegant.

And wow, thanks for the Inspirational blogger award, i feel very honoured especially as i recieved it from one so inspirational as you Kelsey. Michael is away teaching so he wont see his award for a few days.
Ciao and thanks again.

Queen Of Toys said...
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Audrey said...

You've done pretty very well. Love the blue especially.
Thanks for my award to,,, xxx